The Best Places for Family Photoshoots in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a gem when it comes to stunning spots for family photos. Whether you’re into blooming gardens, sandy beaches, or bustling cityscapes, Gothenburg covers you. Here’s a list of the best places to snap those perfect family moments, complete with Google Maps links to make your life easier.


Trädgårdsföreningen is like stepping into a fairytale in the city centre. This park has everything from beautiful rose gardens to old-school greenhouses. I love that, within a short time, you can get so many diverse pictures, moving from spot to spot. At the same park, this time is not HUGE so no kids, nor parents will get tired :)

This location, you can choose for a mini-session - check the prices page!

Recommended seasons: spring, summer, autumn

Gothenburg Botanical Garden - Botaniska

Botaniska is a huge park, full of amazing plants. It’s like Mother Nature’s own Instagram feed. This would be my TOP choice for spring photoshoots.

So much space for kids to run and have fun, as well as perfect options for having an aesthetic "family picnic", especially during sunset when light comes through bushes and trees!

With Botaniska we should be ready to walk :)

Recommended seasons: spring, summer


Slottsskogen is one of the most popular parks for families in Gothenburg.

A wonderful mix of open grassy areas, picturesque ponds, and charming walking paths. Kids can enjoy running and feeding ducks and there’s plenty of space for picnics and outdoor activities. Whether your family wants to relax, play, or explore, Slottsskogen provides a beautiful and dynamic backdrop for photos.

Recommended seasons: summer, autumn


Liseberg isn’t just for rides and cotton candy. The amusement park is super colourful and fun, making it perfect for our family photoshoot!

Kids, might not even notice :) During our fun time, i take pictures of you in beautiful spots and on attractions.

If we visit during the work-days, might likely less people would be there :)

Recommended seasons: summer, autumn
All the suggestions are based on my extensive work experience. By choosing one of these spots, you can be confident that I will guide you every step of the way, ensuring we capture the perfect moments together :)
  • Alina, Dopamin Studio

A customized City-walk

Gothenburg is a magical and beautiful city, and having lived here for six years, I've taken the time to explore every charming corner. I invite you to enjoy a relaxed photo-walk through the city's most beautifull streets—a perfect adventure that kids will absolutely love!

Imagine going up the old fortress for some stunning views, walking along water canals, grabbing a Swedish kannebulle in a cozy Haga coffee shop, or riding scooters down Vasagatan. Or maybe taking a little boat across the sea to visit the Eriksberg area?

These delightful experiences will capture both - the true essence of Gothenburg and your family memories.

Recommended seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn


Seminarieparken is a hidden gem of Gothenburg. This compact park is perfect for families with small kids, offering a peaceful environment without the need for long walks.

Despite its size, Seminarieparken allows us to take a variety of diverse and beautiful images. Another bonus - not so many people during the day (except for cherry blossom weeks).

The lush greenery, charming pathways, and intimate spaces make it an ideal spot for capturing candid moments :)

Recommended seasons: spring, summer

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