Dopamin Studio Tips
Tips and recommendations for your maternity photoshoot in a photo-studio
There are many things you can think about before your photoshoot, in this blog I will share with you some tips and tricks from my experience :)
Decide on your photoshoot style
It is essential to clearly understand what you want to get as a result. There are so many turns we can take during our photo session. Do you want it more casual, fashionable, bold, creative, romantic or emotional? You can always take a look at my portfolio and tell me which pictures recall your dream photoshoot :)
I love realising my own ideas, if you are ready for experiments and some pinch of creativity you can always ask me to suggest you some "out of the box" ideas!
Your photographer
I hear from every second client "I feel shy in front of the camera", and "I do not know what to do and how to pose". You might now believe it, but the main key to success is to trust me and try to forget about a camera.

  • When we discussed your expectation from the final result, I already have a clear picture of what we will do

  • My photoshoots always a combination of some actions, natural pictures, communications with your partner and kids AND poses that suits you the best

  • I have good experience photographing all different kinds of beauty, you can rely on me to guide you every second of the photoshoot. I will always tell you where to put your hand when to raise your chin, where to look and how to smile :) I am aiming to take photos that you will adore.

  • I can suggest you scroll through Pinterest to get some inspiration before our photoshoot.

Darling, I see how beautiful you are, and my main inspiration at work is to show you that.

I know how we women like to think about some "disadvantages" of our bodies, and I know how you might be uncomfortable with some changes that happened to your body during the last months.

But on our photoshoot, I will make sure you feel like a queen and that looking at the final result you will never again doubt your beauty.

- Alina
I am the funniest person, our time together will be full of jokes and interesting conversations. 100% of clients gave me happy comments on how it was easy to relax and leave the stress behind because of my personality :)

I am sure we will find many common topics to talk about.
If you are coming with a partner
I love photoshoots where other members of your family join us. Because of course, your pregnancy is a job of two :)

  • In case if you are coming with your man - I knooooow, they hate taking pictures, and it feels like a torcher for them. I will help your partner to be involved in our process and not feel any pressure.
  • I know many nice and beautiful poses where you communicate with each other more than with my camera. Because nothing looks more beautiful on pictures than your actual love and relations. Capturing feelings is what I do.
  • We will balance our time, so your partner will take breaks and just enjoy looking at you as a supermodel :)
If you are coming with your kids
They bring a lot of fun and sweetness to your pictures!

  • I used to work in a kindergarten and know how to interact with little ones.
  • We will also combine some playful pictures and poses. I will help your child to find confidence and fun in our process!
  • There are several fun ideas that we can realise depending on the age of your first kid/s.
  • The main rule - kids should not feel pressure during the process. Let's focus on making them laugh, negotiate if it is needed and being ready to give them a break :)

Thank you for reading my article, you can always text me with any questions that you have in your mind or worry about!

- Alina, your photographer