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From website to video courses and packaging design.



The main problems the CEO highlighted were:
the impossibility of creating a multilingual version,
the inability to manage the website without IT support,
the lack of an online store solution (forcing the company to waste time and risk money by operating only via invoices),
and the absence of automatic data on leads and sales through the website.

A CMS website that is easy to administer (with a low yearly fee),
Customized design & animation that follows the brand style,
Multilingual - English and Swedish,
Online message plugin
An online store that accepts bank cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay,
A product catalogue that is easy to adjust and modify,
A customized shopping cart that offers different delivery options for different types of products,
CRM system that helps track orders and analyze sales,
Mailchimp integration,
Embedded Facebook Pixel and Google.
Multilingual website
A multilingual website with Swedish and English versions. Language changes by the button on the menu.
The whole website design was developed especially for Sfoodies and aligned with their brand.

It includes separately designed elements, carefully chosen font and custom animation.
Custom design
The webpage has a live chat. That makes it efficient to give customer service on time.

The web page administrator gets the messages directly in the special app.
Online chat
Not to make the menu massive as it was before, we created a second layer.
Second level menu
We implemented Mail Chimp into the website, so Sfoodies can easily manage their subscribers' pool and work with it.
Email Subscription
We implemented two sorting options:

a. By collections/type of products
b. By delivery option

It was a big pain for Sfoodies that before, a part of their products can't be shipped, but people would still order the delivery.

Now they do not have this problem anymore.
Product sorting
The website administrator can assign any label to any product.

Which helps to moderate sales and make some of the products more attractive. As well as notify about discounts and special offers.
Product label
The style of the product card is minimalistic and at the same time, allows Sfoodied to have a lot of info for every product.
Product card
At the bottom of every product card is an adjustable structure for information on Working Hours, Storage, Ingredients and Delivery.

As well, the website automatically suggests other products.
Product info
For every product, Sfoodies can set up different kind of modification that affects the price. For example the amount of product, kind of packaging, the size of the product etc.
Size modification
Clients can choose the type of delivery, according to what they bought.

As well, the form will show different fields to feel depending on what kind of delivery is chosen.

That function saved a lot of time and money for Sfoodies, by cutting the huge amount of work after clients order something.
Delivery options
Payment methods
We implemented four of the most popular payment methods and since the new version is being published, Foodies got a lot of compliments, especially for Apple and Google Pay.

Video course production


Viktoria, the owner of Sfoodies contacted us for helping her to produce her own video course in a professional way as she had no experience or time to do it.

Since 2019 we produced 4 different video courses for Sfoodies.
We used professional video equipment for light and sound.
Most of the videos were recorded using two cameras.
During the editing stage, we developed different kinds of animation, text animation and subs

All courses are successfully being sold on long terms strategy and it pays for production costs.

Instagram reels


To create short videos for Instagram reels that the company can use.

We created around 30 reel videos from one-day filming. We used trading sounds and different video styles.

Produced reels showcased: the owner's personal brand, products, fun, business development and other topics.

Most of the reels got high views compared to other Sfoodies reels.

Packaging design

The goal was to develop custom stickers for shiping boxes and information cards for boxes with bonbons.
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