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Maternity photoshoot ideas

We will help to express what you can't say.
The expectant mother is beautiful and exalted. She keeps a great secret to herself. Photos taken by a professional photographer will help to convey these feelings and sensations!
The most important for me during a photoshoot is your comfort and happiness. I always focus on pictures to be as natural as possible, this way we can capture your love and inner light!
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All photoshoots include: a mood board that helps to align our visions, our help with the preparation and 6 months backup storage of your pictures
Your Photographer
More details about the regular work process
  • Travel costs
    If you choose a location outside of Gothenburg, you need to cover tickets to the location for a photographer (and assistant if needed). When the travelling duration is longer than 1h (one way), we charge 200 SEK per hour.
  • Extra to price
    While working on your photoshoot, we are ready to realise all your dreams, but creating unique decorations, renting an outfit or getting access to certain locations may cost extra and not be included in our prices.
  • Additional Services
    Special for our clients, we collaborate with true professionals for makeup, hair and clothes style.
    After you receive your pictures, you can order a photobook or a beautiful slideshow.
  • Booking regulations
    When you decide on a type of photoshoot it's time for the booking, which is 25% of the total price.
    We appreciate all who understand that our work starts much before your photo day.
  • Payment
    The rest of the 75% of the price you pay on the day of your photoshoot before we start editing.
  • Payment methods
    You can choose to pay by swish or an invoice
We can't wait to hear from you!
Type of a photoshoot