TFP-photoshoot with me
all you need to know about
rules, conditions and the application
What is TFP?
TFP stands for "Time for Print" or "Time for Photos". It's an agreement between a photographer and a model where neither party pays the other. Instead, the photographer provides images to the model, and the model contributes their time and work for the photoshoot. All participants share expenses if needed. It's a way for both photographers and models to build their portfolios and gain experience without having to pay for services or be paid for them.
OBS! If you are interested in collaboration within makeup, hair, decoration, location, or anything else (excluding modelling), please send an email to
No! TFP means that no one will pay for each other's services, but you should expect either to be fully responsible or share the responsibility for clothes, makeup, location, and decoration.
If you want to apply for a potential TFP collaboration, please fill out this form!
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