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Tips and recommendations for your style
Let's get to your look! How to choose your clothes and prepare for a photoshoot? What to bring with you, and what to do with your makeup and hair? So many questions that i have answers for. 
Let's start with the main things:

  • Nothing can be better than getting a proper sleep before your photoshoot :) It might guarantee a good mood and more energy.
  • Come with clean hair
  • Chose some neutral nails colour
  • If you are planning to undress during our photoshoot, think about other body parts depending on your preferences (shaving, tanning, et.c.).
Any other part of the preparation I can help you with, but those essential things will help both of us during and while working on your pictures :)
Your photographer
Hair and Makeup
I assume you already know what style we are aiming for?:) If you decide to prepare hair and makeup by yourself: remember that it should suit our main concept.

  • Casual and neutral photo-session requires some nude and natural makeup/hairstyle
  • Going for fashion we can level up our idea and get more colours and volume
  • In the case of creativity, you either get some suggestions from me according to the photoshoot concept or can experiment :)

At Dopamin Studio you can order makeup and hair styling before your photoshoot. I work with a great make-up artist located in Gothenburg and as well had a private make-up course myself. The price for makeup starts at 400 sek. You can see some of my makeup works bellow.

- Alina
Clothes for solo photosession
Depending on the package you chose (mini or a full photo session) you should prepare from 1 to 3 outfits.


  • Before the photoshoot, I always tell you what colours of Backgrounds i currently have, and what style and colours of photo zones i have. Mostly they are neutral colours (beige, grey, white, brown etc. and a couple of creative options).

  • My main suggestion - try to avoid patterns and go for plain clothes. It will always look more stylish.


  • In my studio wardrobe, you might find a couple of options that will suit you, tell me about your size and I send you the options that i have. Some of the examples you will find below.
Getting a dress for your photoshoot is included in the price :)

Style ideas
Other outfits that might inspire you
Style for a family
The rules are the same:

  • Avoid patterns

  • Choose one colour palette (my suggestion is to go for the main colours that are easy to match and combine with any background - black, white, beige, brown, or grey). If you want more colours, I as well my suggest going for muted shades of green, blue or orange. Your clothes should not out shade you :)

  • Choose clothes with similar materials. Because on a camera, different textures even of the same colour might not match.

  • Your pictures should reflect who you really are. Of course, in the case of three outfits, we can go for one fancy look, but I suggest choosing two other styles that suit your personality.

  • If you want to keep all focus on yourself - the best suggestion for your partner is to wear a white shirt/T-shirt.

I prepared some inspiration for your family looks :)

Little details can for sure highlight our photoshoot!
  • Ultrasound image
  • Baby clothes and shoes
  • Balloons
  • Flowers
  • Toys
  • Any other symbolic items that warm your heart and you want to capture!
Any maternity photoshoot includes separate pictures of those details.

Thank you for reading my article, you can always text me with any questions that you have in your mind or worry about!

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- Alina, your photographer